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Titan TP-Pro Executive Massage Chair


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If you are the kind of person who loves foot massages, or who spends the majority of their day on their feet and moving around, this massage chair is likely the best-suited chair for you. Featuring one of the most comprehensive foot massages in the industry, the Titan Pro Executive massage chair carves out a niche of its own with its unique feature set. The Titan Executive massage chair is available in brown, black, and beige. Check out the features below to see if this is the massage chair for you. 3D Massage 3D massage rollers are very important for those who are looking to have a massage chair that delivers a deep tissue massage. 3D massage technology allows the massage heads to protrude from the massage track about 3.25" so they are able to massage much more deeply into muscle tissue. With this protrusion, this massage chair can access parts of your shoulders and neck that many other massage chairs can't. If you are worried that the massage might be TOO intense, you are able to control the level of 3D protrusion to ensure you receive the perfect massage for your preferences. Bluetooth Technology The Titan Pro Executive massage chair features Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect your Apple or Android device to your massage chair and play music through the built-in speaker system. You can also control the functions of the chair by downloading the mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and control the different functions of the massage chair directly from your smartphone. At the time of this writing, the Executive App has not been released, however until that time, you can utilize the app made for the Apex AP-Pro Lotus massage chair to control the features of the massage chair. Zero Gravity Zero gravity is an important feature for those looking to get the most out of their massage experience. This position reclines you back and raises your legs to the level of your heart so that your joints and spine can decompress. This also affects the surrounding muscles and helps them relax which helps you get the most out of your back massage. Comprehensive Foot Massage Roller This is easily one of the highlight features of the Titan Pro Executive massage chair. The foot massage box features 3 sets of massage rollers, one set for the sole of your foot, one set for the heel, and one for the toes and top of your foot. Titan calls this "3D foot massage". The foot rest box fits up to a size 14 foot and has numerous levels of adjustability so you get the perfect foot massage for you. Adjustable Shoulder Massagers If you don't want your shoulder massaged, The Titan Executive massage chair allows you to rotate the shoulder massagers back and out of the way. This is especially convenient for those who have broader shoulders that might not comfortably fit in the chair with the shoulder massagers out. Lower Back & Knee Heat Therapy Heat therapy is an important feature that helps you get the most out of your back massage. The Titan Pro Executive massage chair features two heating elements in the lumbar area of the backrest to provide a gentle heat therapy to help you loosen up stiff muscles, and melt away tension. Rotating Armrests In a typical massage chair, the armrests are stationary and don't move when you recline. This affects your massage when you recline as it takes your arms half way out of the arm rests. With the Titan Executive, the armrests recline with you so your armrest stays uniformly comfortable no matter what position you are reclined in. Computer Body Scanning One of the ways this massage chair creates a personalized experience is by creating a digital map of the unique curves of your back as soon as you start a massage program. The massage rollers glide up your back and map your curves and the height of your shoulders so that it can cater your massage experience to your unique size and shape. 3 Memory Settings The Titan Pro Executive massage chair offers 3 memory settings that allow you to save a particular massage experience so you can recall it at any time you want and enjoy it without having to make any adjustments. Full Body Airbag Compression Massage - 61 Airbags Strategically placed throughout the massage chair are 61 airbags that are designed to provide a compression massage to your entire body. These airbags promote circulation through your legs, arms while providing relief to muscles throughout your body. Back Twist Stretch The Titan Executive massage chair uses the back massage roller in conjunction with the airbags in the hip and waist area to gently twist your back and provide a stretch massage across your whole core. This helps loosen up tight muscles and increases relaxation. Leg Rest Extension The ottoman of the Titan Pro Executive massage chair is split into two section on a steel track that offers much more extension capacity than other designs. This feature allows the Executive massage chair to seat users from 5' - 6'5" in height. Comprehensive Remote The comprehensive remote for the Titan Pro Executive massage chair offers easy access to its 6 massage programs, 3 User memory settings, and its multitude of customizable options that allow you create a truly unique and personalized massage experience.

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