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Titan OS-Pro Summit Massage Chair


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The Titan OS-Pro Summit massage chair features some of the most advanced technology in the Titan chair collection. The Pro Summit is a chair that will massage from your neck to your thighs and everywhere in-between. Featuring some of the best options that can be included in a massage chair, you are going to get an amazing massage that will have you walking away rested and relaxed. L-Track Designed Massage Roller The L-Track design creates a massage that covers your entire torso. Starting with your neck it will progress down your frame with an intense focus on the lumbar area. The massage rollers will continue through to your upper thighs and then work their way back to the start. This style of massage encompasses the spine to focus on each individual disc. Zero Gravity Recline The purpose of zero gravity design is to get the lower half of your body aligned with your heart. This releases tension and creates and optimal level of comfort. The weight of your body then resides on the backrest of the chair. Allowing your body to fully experience the massage that is about to begin. Two stages of zero gravity occur on the Pro Summit, one being a bit more severe than the other. Body Scan Technology A customized massage is created with body scan technology. The rollers of the chair run the entire course of your body to determine your shape. The results are then a customized massage that is specific to you. This also allows multiple users to have the option of using the chair, and they are still getting a great massage experience no matter what their size is. Foot Rollers The bottom of the footrest features 2 rows of spinning foot rollers. They are creating a reflexology style massage by providing a soothing, kneading amount of pressure. Acupuncture points are stimulated with the inflation of airbags that establish a deeper massage experience throughout your feet. Massage Modes Kneading Tapping Shiatsu Rolling Combination Punching Air Massage Technology Titan has figured out how to streamline the airbags in the Pro-Summit. They have lowered the amount of airbags in the chair, which has also decreased the amount of valves, resulting in a quieter chair. Do not fear that there has been a loss of airbag coverage, because they have somehow managed to not only increase the surface area, but also the volume of the bags. Less moving parts creates a more reliable chair. Arm Air Massagers Each arm of the chair has airbags positioned to create a compression massage. The result is increased circulation and therapeutic relief. Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze In the upper portion of the chair airbags are programmed to inflate at independent times, which allow the body to twist and creates an enjoyable deep stretch. Calf & Foot Massage Numerous airbags are placed along each side and at the back of the Pro Summit footrest. These airbags create a compression massage that enhances the ongoing massage of the foot rollers. Heating in the Lumbar Many people suffer from lower back problems. The Pro Summit has 2 heating pads placed in the lower half of the backrest. These will enhance the massage while also loosening the lumbar area to alleviate aches. Auto Leg Scan The body scan is carried into the legs with the calf and foot massager having the ability to make adjustments to the users legs. This ensures that the airbags are concentrating on all the right areas. Once the chair is powered on it will extend the footrest and then retract it. This is your opportunity to press firmly down with your toes to indicate where you would like the chair to stop. Massage Adjustment Options 3 levels of intensity of the massage rollers can be adjusted on your back along with 3 different speeds. You are also able to adjust the intensity of the airbags through 5 levels. This allows you to create the ultimate therapeutic massage. Easy-to-Use Remote The Pro Summit has a visually appealing remote that shows the functions that have been activated. A flip down cover creates access to manual functions to personalize your massage completely. At the push of a button you can engage the auto recline feature that will operate the foot extension, leg rest, backrest and zero gravity position. USB Charging Station The remote holder features a convenient USB port. This is a great option for charging you devices. This way you can use your phone, tablet or digital book without worrying about the battery level. Space Saving Design Most massage chairs need lots of room behind them so they do not hit the wall. The Summit only needs an inch due to the entire base sliding forward as the chair reclines not needing any room behind it. This is a great feature if space is an issue in your home.

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