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Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair


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Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair The Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair is a high-end chair that provides you a personalized, fully relaxed and soothing massage experience. It comes with all the special features that Titan is known for offering in its massage chairs. The Alpine massage chair comes in four colors black, brown, cream and red, so you will surely be able to match your chair to your preferences. L-Track Massage System Titan aims to please the user with its specialized L-track massage system. The advanced L-track massage technology now provides better support to the neck and back areas. The biggest benefit of using this tracking system is the ability to target individual discs in the spine to separate them for better decompression. It will be noticeable in your massage as the tense and stiff muscles near your spine loosen up and give true relaxation. Heat Therapy in Lower Back The use of heat therapy is a wonderful way to help sore and stiff back muscles. During the massage, heat is applied to the lower lumbar region of the chair with the use of two heating pads. The warmth of the heat therapy will sooth your back and allow tense muscles to relax. This feature ensures you will receive the best massage session possible. Computer Body Scanning Body scanning technology is now a found in every high-end massage chair on the market. With the Titan Alpine it is no different. The massage rollers glide up and down the chair mapping your shoulders to your lower back, so the chair knows the curves in your spine and can personalize a massage for you. Body scanning technology is the best way to assure you are receiving the most beneficial massage every time you lie in your massage chair. Leg Extension The Titan Alpine offers a leg extension. It is easy to work because all you have to do is add pressure to the leg rest and the spring action track will lift your legs up to a comfortable position. Two Stage Zero Gravity Zero Gravity technology is a must have in every massage chair and with the Titan TP-Pro Alpine you get a two-stage zero gravity system. Zero gravity was introduced by NASA decades ago when they sent astronauts into space, they would sit in a reclined seat with their feet slightly higher than the heart. This reduces stress on the body. In a massage chair the reclined position reduces stress on a users back muscles and joints allowing for them to decompress. The position also put a majority of your body weight onto the backrest, so the massage rollers can focus on the back muscles. The Alpine features two-stage zero gravity. The first position puts you in the astronaut position for liftoff while stage two puts you at an even more extreme angle. In this stage all of your body weight will be put on to the backrest for an even deeper massage. Extensive Airbag Massage System The Titan TP-Pro Alpine offers an intense and reinvigorating compression massage to your body with the use of airbags. All massage chairs come with airbag technology but the system by Titan will give your upper body a more relaxing full body massage experience. In the Alpine you get airbags in the upper shoulders, arms, hands, hips, seat, legs, calves, and in the footrest. The airbags in this massage chair work along with the massage rollers in the backrest and footrest to improve the massage experience. Along with the massage rollers working on your back and feet, the compression technology of the airbags work to squeeze the user and give you the deep tissue massage the rest of your body needs. If you like a really strong compression massage, you are able to increase the intensity of the air compression with the use of the remote control. Reflexology Massage Rollers Keeping up with your feet is important and the treatment you receive with the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair will do you wonders. Under the soles of your feet there are spinning rollers, which apply pin-point kneading massage, and with the massage rollers under your feet and the airbag technology giving a thorough compression massage to your calves and feet this massage chair hits all the acupressure points in your feet. Easy to Use Remote The remote for the Alpine massage chair makes it easy to personalize your massage session. Every aspect the chair offers can be manipulated to better serve you. You can change the speed, width and strength of each massage. This is a great tool to have if you have different users for the massage chair. There are 6 Pre-set massage programs and 6 Massage Styles to choose from with the Titan Alpine: Kneading Tapping Shiatsu Combination Rolling Punching

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