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Titan TI-8700 Massage Chair


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The Titan TI-8700 massage chair is designed to include a high-end feature set for a much more affordable price and is available in the three most popular colors, black, brown, and cream. Take a look at the features below and see how it compares to other massage chairs in its price range. New Design The Titan TI-8700 massage chair features a new industrial type of design that focuses on function rather than fashion. Every part of this massage chair serves a purpose in your massage experience. 2 Stage Zero Gravity This massage chair features a two stage zero gravity to give you additional control over your recline and the level of benefit you prefer from your massage chair. Zero gravity reclines you back and raises your legs to the level of your heart so your joints and spine can relax with less pressure on them. This causes the surrounding muscles to relax as well causing a sort of full body relaxation. The second stage further intensifies the effects and focuses the majority of your body weight on the backrest so you get more benefit from your back massage. Reflexology Foot Massage Rollers The footrest has been outfitted with two rows of reflexology foot massage rollers to apply a nice kneading style massage to the soles of your feet and targets acupoints to provide reflexology benefits. Your feet and sense of well-being will be greatly improved at the end of each massage session. Lumbar Heat Therapy Located in the lower section of the back rest are two heating elements that apply a gentle heat therapy to your lower back in an effort to soothe your lower back muscles and ease tension so your entire back gets a much deeper benefit from your massage experience. Hip & Seat Vibration Massage The Titan TI-8700 massage chair has two large vibration plates in the seat that apply a vibration massage to your hips that reverberates up the spine through the lower back. This feature has been known to benefit users with lower back pain by soothing those tense muscles before the massage roller gets to them. Full Airbag Compression Massage Airbags have been placed throughout the massage chair from the shoulders all the way down to your feet to bring your back massage into a full body massage experience. These airbags provide a compression massage that soothes muscles and promotes better circulation. They also work in conjunction with the back and foot massage to improve the deep tissue massage that each provides by pressing you into the massage rollers. Easy to Use LED Remote Control The Titan TI-8700 massage chair remote features a very intuitive design that allows you get allows you to quickly adjust your position, choose your massage program and return to the most important part of your massage, relaxing, much more quickly. 6 Massage Techniques The Titan TI-8700 massage chair features 6 massage techniques that combine in each massage program to provide relief to your muscles. These massage techniques are Kneading, Clapping, Rolling, Swedish, and tapping. 5 Massage Programs Choose one of the 5 massage programs from the remote and starting enjoying your massage within a few seconds. Each program has a specific goal that brings you relief and relaxation, the programs are called; Morning Wake-Up, Sporting Recovery, Full Body Relax, Neck/Shoulder Therapy, and Lower Body Therapy. Leg Scan Extension This feature ensures that your leg massage will be comfortable and accurate no matter how tall you are. When you recline into the zero gravity position the leg rest extends out and retracts to accommodate the length of your legs. Once its at a comfortable distance simply press your toes down on the foot rest to stop it.

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